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BeeYourHair is an one stop shop/salon providing salon services, make up services, eye brow tinting services, lash services, virgin hair extensions, hair care products, custom units, mink lash strips, fitness sweat enhancers, cosmetics and much more to come. We've been operating for 5 years taking pride in our products and services to meet our customers/clients everyday needs. Our aim is to provide everything our clients/customers needs to enhance their beauty making them look and feel beautifully brand new.


Bee  (Owner of BYH)

Hey BeeYourHair doll,  My name is Bee Nicole born in Philadelphia, PA. I have a strong passion for the beauty industry and everything in it. I started my career at the age of 21 coming straight out of cosmetology school with my main goal being able to provide every feminine cosmetic to enhance, fulfill the beauty needs of my customers as well as make my clients feel brand new once they leave my chair. I've always loved making people happy and what's better than providing what women love most. I am mostly self taught with a lot of drive and passion for my business. I hope my vision gets through to most, if not all in a positive way. Stay beautiful!

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