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✨Extensions last longer with your superb hair care which pertains to: 


✨Co-washing extensions before installing 2-3 to insure that all debris are removed from hair. Rinse until water is clear


✨Apply conditioner. Allow conditioner to sit for 2-10 mins(the longer the better results). Rinse until water is clear and place hair into dryer(you can also blow dry but we highly recommend sitting in a dryer).


✨After hair Is completely dry, hair is now ready to be installed and styled! 


✨Once hair has completely dried, apply oil on extensions. 


✨Highly Recommended ALL of Beeyourhair Hair care products for your virgin hair care needs to guarantee long lasting hair extensions. Repeat every 2-3 weeks.




✨Do not use heavy oils, sprays or pomade/grease on extensions. This causes hair to become stiff, hard and stringy. We recommend you use Our light beeyourhair argan oil but use sparingly. Little goes a long way! 


✨Do not cut your wefts, this may cause shedding of the hair. 


✨Do not use comb attachment for blow drying 


✨Do not over process hair with hair color. Make sure hair color is left in the period of time instructed or done by professional.


*please still follow our hair care instructions above for Luxe collection as well as take note of the difference between Luxe Collection and our other virgin hair extensions we provide. 

Luxe collection is our new virgin hair collection we create for customers who want quality at a lower price. Yes, there is a difference between this collection and the other virgin hair we provide and we want to be very clear of that difference. 

✨Luxe Collection can be colored as desired however you will NOT be able to lift(bleach) to 613 with one process. You will be able to color up to color 30(medium blonde) with one process. 

✨Luxe collection lasts up to 6months-1year with proper hair care. PLEASE ONLY USE OUR HAIR CARE LINE FOR THIS COLLECTION FOR BEST RESULTS

✨Luxe Collection can be styled as desired meaning silk press, curls, crimps, ponytails and other styles that require heat.

The biggest question we receive about this collection is, "is the quality the same as your other bundles you provide" the answer is NO. There is a quality difference and this is why the pricing is much different however, this collection is still GOOD hair. If you are seeking hair that will last you 3months-1year this collection is for you!

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