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  • What color does BeeYourHair virgin extensions come in?
    BeeYourHair virgin extensions comes in the color of 1b
  • Why are some of BeeYourHair bundles different shades of brown?
    BeeYourHair virgin extensions is 100% virgin hair which means the hair is not processed with any color at all. BeeYourHair virgin hair comes natural brown but can be colored to any desired color.
  • Can BeeYourHair virgin extensions be colored?
    Yes, be sure to not over process the hair this will cause damage to the hair.
  • Can I order over the phone?
    No, all online orders are to be placed online however we do have a Pre pay and pick up line for in store pick up. The number is text only and is available for assistance during store business hours (610)605-8791.
  • Do you have a store or location Where I can pick up the hair?
    Yes we do, 617 s 52nd street, Philadelphia, PA 19143
  • Will I get the exact curl pattern shown in photos/videos?
    Yes as long as hair is correctly taken care of as well as using recommended products.
  • How many ounces is BeeYourHair virgin extensions?
    Our Luxe Collection hair bundles are 4oz and our Boss Collection hair bundles are 3.5oz.
  • How many bundles do I need for a full sew in?
    We recommend at least 2-3 bundles for a full sew in for lengths 12-18" and 3-5 bundles for lengths 20"-40". Please keep in mind the longer the hair the less hair in each bundle.
  • Are BeeYourHair closure pieces considered a bundle?
    No, closure pieces are used to replace natural hair leave out so you'll still need to make sure you use at least 2-3 bundles as well as a closure piece.
  • Does BeeYourHair sell closure pieces?
    Yes we do, we provide lace closure pieces only, 12"-18" in all hair textures; curly, deep wave, body wave as well as straight hair.
  • Is BeeYourHair also a salon as well?
    Yes, you can use all contact our store for questions in reference to appointments and/or book online.
  • If I purchase BeeYourHair virgin extensions do I get a special for installment?
    Yes, if you purchase hair from us your installation will start at $95.
  • Does BeeYourHair have a layaway program?
    Yes we do! You can email us at and we will send you an invoice.
  • Are BeeYourHair bundles true to the length advertised?
    Yes, all of BeeYourHair is true to length.
  • Are you able to return or exchange your BeeYourHair bundles?
    No, we have an no return/ no exchange policy; All purchases are FINAL.
  • What lengths do BeeYourHair virgin extensions come in?
    Boss collection Indian bundles come 14"-32", Boss Collection Brazilian comes in 14"-40" and Luxe Collections bundles come in 12"-32" in all textures.
  • Can BeeYourHair virgin extensions be straightened or curled?
    Yes, your BeeYourHair virgin extensions can be styled as desired due to the fact it's 100% human hair extensions.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Shipping is 3-7 business days PLUS 2-3 business days for payment processing. Total of 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS.
  • Do's and Don'ts
    BEEYOURHAIR Virgin hair wefts are tightly sealed which helps with little to NO shedding of the hair. Extensions last longer with your superb hair care which pertains to: Co-washing and conditioning extensions before installing. Shampooing 2-3 time are highly recommended to insure that all debris are removed from hair. Rinse until water is clear(both shampoo and conditioner) and allow hair to air dry. After hair Is dry, hair is now ready to be installed and styled! Recommended shampoo and conditioner are Beeyourhair French argan oil products which were identified to be one of the best for virgin hair extensions. Repeat every 2-3 weeks. Do not use heavy oils, sprays or pomade/grease on extensions. This causes hair to become stiff, hard and stringy. We recommend you use Our light beeyourhair argan oil but use sparingly. Little goes a long way! Do not cut your wefts, this causes shedding of the hair. Do not over process hair with hair color. Make sure hair color is left in the period of time instructed.
  • When do hair restock online?
    We now restock hair extensions online EVERY Friday at 2pm
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